PreCrime Analytics provides coordinated responses to crime problems that require a routine and synchronized sharing of data analytics among all partners involved. To date, these tools remains largely in the hands of police departments, who also control the messages informed by them. This monopoly tends to yield outcomes that prioritize law enforcement activities or do not necessarily align with community priorities.

Crime prevention strategies that maximises scarce local services and resources are required. Safety and security providers, not just the police, have an important role to play in deterring offenders, hardening targets, and affecting crime rates. All stakeholders must share the burden of crime prevention.

We provide frameworks for community safety involving safety and security providers that does not prioritize law enforcement or use it as a singular intervention strategy.

Reimagining crime prevention requires embracing new expectations for policing that shares the burden of public safety with multiple stakeholders. 

We are local crime data analysts, Registered Information Officers, Registered Safer Cities Practitioners, member of the International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA), member of International Association of Auto Theft Investigations (IAAIT) South African Branch.